Spring Dales Public School
Affiliated to C.B.S.E.

School Rules

Punctuality and Attendence

  • All students must be regular and punctual to the school activities. No one is allowed to leave the premises without the written permission of the Principal.
  • No leave of absence is granted except on previous written application from the parent/guardian. Leave may not be presumed except in the case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • In case of leave except on grounds of illness, the guardian of the student himself should, as far as possible, get the leave granted by the Principal before-hand. No application of 'sick leave till recovery' will be granted. In case sick leave for more than three days in required, the application should be supported by a medical certificate.
  • Every absence is counted in the non-attendance. Every pupil is required to put in attendance not less than 75% ofthe total numberofworking days in the school year. No pupil will be allowed to sitfor the promotional examination unless he or she puts in the minimum requirement of attendance.
  • A student not appearing in any test/examinatino due to any reason will be marked absent and would be discredited for the same.
  • No leave for a few periods will be sanctioned. In case of emergency the parenti guardian may personally take the child with him after taking permission from the Principal.
  • All the students should arrive at the school before the bell is rung forthe morning assembly. Late comes are not allowed.
  • The school uniform is to be work on all class days and at school functions. One who is solvently dressed may be excluded from the classroom or even sent home.
  • Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is strictly forbidden.
  • In school premises your activities will be observed by CTV camera. If you found in indiscipline. You have to payfine.

Procudere of Withdrawl

  • A clear one month's notice or tuition fee in lieu thereof is to be given when a student is to be withdrawn. Exemption may be made in case of sudden transferofGovt. official working on transferable post.
  • Duplicate copy of the transfer certificate will not be issued except for good and valid reasons. A fee of Rs. 300/- is charged for issuing a duplicate certificate after procuring a press not and affidavit.
  • The student can be removed from rolls by school authorities on anyone ofthe following grounds: (i) Irregularity in attendance.
    (ii) Behavioural problem.
    (iii) Non- payment of fees or chronic irregularity in payment.
    (iv) Moral breach considered serious by the school authorities.

School Diary

The school diary is used to establish a valuable understanding between the parents and the teachers. While the teachers are instructed to make the relevant entries in it from time to time, parents are requested to refer to it every day to keep in touch with their ward's progress. Your positive response to the teacher's remarks will go a long way in shaping your child's future. The parents and their wards must read and follow the rules and regulations of the school as laid down in the school diary.

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